Proposed lift Appeal

A major project being undertaken by the Friends is to raise money to have a lift installed in the Old Teachers’ College building. Over a number of years we have submitted many applications for grants to make this possible. But to date we have not been successful. Unfortunately, as time goes on, the price will continue to increase.

The proposed lift will enable handicapped, the elderly and incapacitated people to attend functions and activities on the first floor of the College. Parking is available on the western side of the College. A rear door on the eastern side of the building at street level allows people to have access to the ground floor.

It will be most useful when large musical equipment/instruments are being transported to the first floor by the many people who are associated with New England Conservatorium of Music and the various music groups who use the building. Many letters of support have been obtained by FOTC in 2023 as plans are prepared for a new grant application.

The success of the appeal will enhance the functionality of the building for the use and enjoyment of everyone. It is proposed that it will be built on the south-western corner of the building.

We now have $140,000 donated towards this project (December 2023). Preliminary concept plans have been drawn and negotiations commenced with the Department of Education in 2023.

Tax-deductible donations are very welcome and can be forwarded to the Friends of the Old Teachers’ College Lift Appeal.