Many session reunions are held at the College. For these occasions, the Friends are happy to organise tours of the building/grounds and provide refreshments, ($5.00 per head) which assists fundraising.

Session groups are welcome to organise an Assembly in the Auditorium.

Please contact the Friends if you would like to make use of these opportunities.

Contact details for Reunions Coordinator

Bev Korsch
Mobile: 0434 468 074


In Mudgee in April 2007 we had a reunion of my Teachers College years at Armidale. It was 43 years since we had been together and a great bout of nostalgia it was too. I wrote this verse for our dinner and read it out. It seemed to go over fairly well as it was put on the Website for our years at ‘The College on the Hill’.

When I awoke this morning,

I’d a pain inside my head,

It couldn’t been what I had drunk,

It must have been the bed.

My wife asked; “is it gout again,

Or have you got neuralgia”

I said, “I think I’m suffering from,

A bad dose of nostalgia.”

For last night I saw these faces,

They floated past my view,

And though I couldn’t pin them down,

They were faces that I knew.

And then, I realised who they were,

It gave me quite a thrill,

They were from the years that I had spent,

At that ‘College on the Hill.’

Now years have all gone flying past,

Forty-three there’s been in all,

And no doubt that things have changed a bit,

Since that Graduation Ball.

For when I looked more closely,

There were wrinkles everywhere,

And mostly all the blokes around,

Were grossly short of hair.

Gary Dew, the College barber,

Had come up to test his skill,

But there’s little call for barbers now,

From that ‘College on the Hill.’

So what I’ve got to say right now,

Is something that won’t ‘thrill ya’,

You see I recognised ‘no body’,

But the faces seemed familiar.

Yes the bodies all have changed a bit,

And I’ll toss in for what it’s worth,

That the bottoms all have grown a tad,

In proportion to the girth.

I saw Meggs and Sprog and Rhonda,

The Flea and Irv and Sue,

There was Carol, John and Elaine,

And Vel and Judy too,

There was Paul and Liz and Bob and Di,

Grassy and Big Bill,

They’d been down many different paths,

Since the ‘College on the Hill.’

My wife said they’re a lazy lot,

There’s few that seem to work,

They must all be bit’s of scammers,

And must have a mighty perk.

They have, I said, They’ve done quite well,

As an education trooper,

And the mighty perk that they’ve all got,

Is called the old scheme super.

They’re sexogenarians

(The first three letters now are barred),

They like to boast to younger friends,

Of the mighty Seniors Card,

They travel round the world a bit,

They think they’ve time to kill,

But their baggage holds the memory of,

That ‘College on the Hill.’

And when I’m sentimental,

After drinking several beers,

I like to think, we’ve been worthwhile,

And wisely spent our years.

If we worry we’re forgotten,

With a life now on the skids,

Know we’ve half a million monuments,

They’re simply called ‘The Kids’.

So it’s been a great reunion,

We’ve ate, and drunk our fill,

So lets stand and toast each other,


Bigruss April 07